KAMASANA guarantees the quality of the goods for 24 months from the date of purchase of the product and is only responsible for defects that arose due to the fault of the manufacturer.

The warranty period starts from the date of purchase. The warranty card with the seal of the seller, the order form, the document confirming payment, as well as the sewn-in production label with the barcode indicated on it, the model and size of the mattress must be kept during the entire warranty period. Return of goods of proper quality can be made only in the presence of the factory (vacuum) packaging.

Claims of the buyer regarding the dimensions, technical, functional characteristics, design and color of the mattress after the buyer has opened the factory (vacuum) packaging are not accepted. There are a number of maintenance tips to keep in mind when purchasing KAMASANA sleep products, as misuse of the various components may void the warranty.

Vacuum-packed mattresses must be unpacked within 24/48 hours of receipt. If a vacuum-packed mattress is stored for a long time, it may cause damage that will affect its recovery and in this case will not be covered by the warranty.

When unpacking vacuum-packed mattresses, wrinkles may remain on the fabric, which will disappear over time and will not interfere with a good rest. Therefore, they will not be a reason for a return or exchange.


  • Products that do not have a warranty card with the seal of the seller, a document confirming payment, a production label.
  • Goods damaged and deformed as a result of non-compliance by the buyer with the rules and recommendations for the transportation, storage and operation of the product.
  • Goods damaged due to unforeseen circumstances (flood, sudden temperature change, fire, etc.)
  • Goods with traces of damage and deformation that appeared as a result of self-repair or outside interference.
  • Goods with the presence of mechanical damage, cuts, tears and contamination of facing fabrics.

    To issue a return, write to or fill in  the form
    In some cases, product photos may be required. Please note that in case of returning the goods for a reason that is not the fault of the manufacturer, the cost of return shipping is paid by the buyer according to the current tariffs of the transport company.


Before the deadline for the delivery of the merchandise, you can cancel the order by communicating by email your intention to cancel your purchase. You will receive the amount paid, except for the costs that may have been incurred (Art 1124 CC), within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from the date on which you communicated your intention to terminate the contract.

In the event that the items to be canceled have been manufactured, or are in the process of being manufactured and following the buyer's specifications, a 30% depreciation of the product price will be made.

In all cases, if the merchandise is already in the transport agency's hands, is being dispatched or is ready to be distributed, the order may be cancelled, but you will have to bear the transport costs incurred. We recommend that, in these situations, you contact our customer service department and they will provide you with all the relevant information.

These transport costs will vary depending on the type of merchandise in the order and will be communicated to you in the email you will receive requesting confirmation of the cancellation.


Once an order has been confirmed, it may be totally or partially modified, with different guidelines or procedures, depending on the Type of item to be modified, and the state of manufacturing or logistics. For more information, we will consider the different circumstances that may occur:

  • If the modification occurs on an item that has not been issued, it will be made at no charge to the customer for postage.
  • If this were not the case and it was in transit, the buyer would assume the transportation costs, in the same amounts that are determined for the case of Withdrawal, and that are contemplated in the corresponding section of these General Conditions. This amount of logistics expense will be added to those that, due to possible depreciation, may be caused.
  • If the modification occurs on an article whose type is "Manufacture" and is among those that are not subject to the Right of Withdrawal, it will depend on the state of the product, when the buyer communicates his intention to modify it. If it is manufactured, or in the process of being manufactured, the customer will assume a 15% depreciation.
  • If the modification occurs on an item already delivered to the address provided by the buyer, the same transportation cost guidelines indicated in these General Conditions for Withdrawal will be followed, although this case is not considered as such.

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