About Us

Behind Kamasana there is a personal story of responsibility, teamwork, leadership and innovation; values that we share with our almost 300 employees and that represent the pillars on which our corporate culture is based.

Our long family history in the textile sector and our vision towards a sustainable, efficient and automated industry give our products a differentiating added value.

The aim is to make Kamasana a leader in the bedding sector in terms of quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability. This commitment is not only based on manufacturing environmentally friendly products of the highest quality, but also on establishing this vision as the central principle of our corporate culture.

We want to continue to be a socially responsible company that contributes to the balance between social welfare, environmental care and economic growth within and beyond our borders.

Candid Penalba Peiro



Our mission is to offer products that guarantee healthy and innovative relaxation every day. To ensure this, we work with the most advanced equipment, using high quality fabrics and advanced processing techniques.


The vision we have at Kamasana is a vision of sustainable development. Everything we do should be socially and environmentally sustainable


For Kamasana, relations with customers and suppliers are based on honest and open business. This has been and is the primary value of this great textile company. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability implies the integration of ethical, social and environmental criteria into both strategy and business model as well as internal policies and processes.
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